Culture & Strategy

Setting the stage for success

With all the talk about data, how important it is and how “you need to adapt or die”, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. But how do you know where to start? How ‘data mature’ is your company? What should you be measuring to achieve your goals, and what are potential paths toward optimisation?

The first milestone on the road towards insight-driven customer excellence is assessing the current situation and plotting the way forward. Through interactive workshops and learning sessions, we help you create a clear roadmap towards a solid data strategy. Here’s what you can expect.

KPI workshop

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Why are you active on social media? How conversion-proof is your website today? During our interactive KPI workshop, we take a look at what you should be measuring to reach your goals. To do this, we apply fitting KPI frameworks, e.g. the What Why Figures (WWF) framework, which we’ve adapted into a unique card game.

At this stage, you’ll learn more about:

  • Common KPIs like bounce rate, click-through rate etc. and what they mean for you
  • How to avoid the pitfall of vanity metrics and focus on measuring real value
  • Sales, awareness, conversion, and publishing
  • Supporting metrics that will help you strategise and optimise

Training & coaching

Based on the results of the gap analysis and considering the skills most needed in your organisation, we offer custom training packages for your team.

In addition, we also provide the necessary coaching to establish a solid data governance foundation. This includes on-site guidance and advice for your team.

Awareness & ideation

Becoming an insight-driven organisation requires certain skills and tools, and in some cases, a cultural shift as well. That’s why our team is committed to making data strategy accessible to all levels of your company. How? By providing real-world examples in the form of A/B-testing, gamification, and inspiring workshops. In this way, we make the abstract world of ‘data’ a tangible reality and ensure that your team is aligned and making progress towards your objectives.

Ready to face the facts about your data maturity and start strategising?