Insights & Intelligence

Making informed business decisions

Data driven or insights driven? This crucial pillar in our data approach reveals how information can be turned into valuable insights – for example, through segmentation and attribution models – that will help you make better business decisions.

Dashboards and reporting: the first step to making confident decisions

To present your KPIs as clearly as possible and in a way that aligns with pre-defined business goals, you'll need dashboards. Interactive reporting will help you take a deep dive into underlying data and trends. Whatever you need, our experienced team of analytics consultants creates the visualisations you need to make informed decisions.

Data science and analytics: predicting and prescribing the future

One step up from dashboards and reports is data analytics. As big data shifts to real-time data, we see three types of analytics:

  • Descriptive analytics: tell you why things are the way they are;
  • Predictive analytics: combines historical data and statistical modelling to predict how things will be;
  • Prescriptive analytics: uses historical data to prescribe or recommend a certain action.

Segmentation and profiling: add a personal touch

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Make sense of your prospects and clients by grouping them together according to meaningful characteristics. This will enable you to:

  • reach out in a personalised manner;
  • improve their experiences with your organisation across digital touchpoints;
  • target segments more effectively with relevant messaging.

Find out how data can help you make better business decisions.