Our toolkit: from data maturity testing to proven solutions

Implementing a successful data strategy requires the right tools. As your independent partner, MultiMinds has access to a wealth of Industry-leading solutions. We have also created our own data maturity assessment, which you can take for free - right now - and an intranet analytics platform developed in house.

Proven solutions to advance your data strategy

To help you leverage the power of data, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and most advanced solutions. Because we’re an independent partner, our experts can offer advice on the tools that best suit your unique situation and challenges.

Our main technology partners

Certified Partner Adobe
Certified Partner Google
Certified Partner Tealium
Certified Partner Salesforce

Our toolbox

Here are just some of the applications, platforms and technologies we can choose from to address your specific challenges.

Intranet analytics platform

Your intranet plays a vital role in the effective sharing of information with and between your employees and team members. But how is this information consumed, and how efficient are your communication processes? Our customized intranet analytics tool provides answers, as well as actionable insights that will help you communicate more effectively.

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Our unique approach

As an independent partner we:

  • only look for solutions that suit your unique situation;
  • work closely with your team, in house or remotely;
  • provide no-nonsense insights and facts – we’ll give it to you straight;
  • are happy to share our knowledge and expertise.

Unlock the power of data in your organization.