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Lara Vandooren

Digital Analytics Consultant

My qualitative studies and quantitative data background gives me a broad understanding of marketing. I like to explore new and creative ideas that can help us with meeting our client’s satisfaction.

Adobe Summit: day 2

published on 04 May 2018

Sneaks is a yearly recurring part within the keynote session in the morning of the second day of Summit. It shows several functionalities that are under development. The Summit audience can then give feedback on each of those ‘Sneaks’. This is always the most exciting part of the Adobe Summit, ...

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Participation Metrics in Adobe Analytics

published on 12 Jan 2017

Adobe Analytics offers many interesting features, and in my opinion, the participation metric is definitely one of them. In this post I will talk about the benefits, why you should use them, and also teach you to enable them in your analysis workspace. What is a participation metric? A participation ...

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