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Niels Verbeeck

Digital Analytics Consultant

I empower our clients to make fact-based decisions, reduce costs and drive business goals. I am doing this through digital reporting, data visualisation, analytics and working closely with the client.

Data Collection as the first step towards Data Activation

published on 02 Mar 2018

In comparison to many European countries, Belgium always has been a digital marketing laggard. Last year I noticed that leveraging data-driven marketing is gaining more and more interest from big Belgian companies. In most cases, those companies already had a huge amount of data stored in a data centre or ...

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Marketing Automation Presentation

published on 30 May 2016

Marketing Automation is designed to help you prioritize and execute your marketing tasks in a more streamlined and efficient way. However, between so many tools, options and concepts, it’s easy to get lost. The Marketing Automation Presentation below explains the concept of Marketing Automation, discusses best practices and gives ...

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MultiMinds supports, a job platform for graduates

published on 26 May 2016

Kazi is a Belgian startup that aims to be ‘the’ online matchmakers for higher educated graduates. Using the site, visitors receive job offers that match their personality. The word ‘Kazi’ originates from Swahili, which means ‘jobs’ and the idea was conceived by the consultancy group Riverrun. Kazi’s goal is ...

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