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18 Oct 2018 — Author: Peter Vertongen
tags: Events, Automation
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SuperNova Antwerp: enter the age of optimism.

MultiMinds visited Supernova in Antwerp. Here's what we learned. September 27–30, the city of Antwerp hosted the first edition of Supernova, an international techfest. This event was the result of joined forces by FlandersDC, and the Flemish Government. Around 2 million euros were invested to showcase how ...

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04 May 2018 — Author: Peter Vertongen
tags: Adobe, Analytics, Events, Adobe Summit

Adobe Summit: day 1

Are you an experience maker? This was the opening question from Brad Rencher at Adobe Summit 2018. Adobe once again repeated their experience message and transformed it on stage into an epic story. We are at a unique time in history for businesses to make experience their business. Bad experiences ...

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