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28 Feb 2019 — Author: Siegert Dierickx
tags: News, MultiMinds
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From ‘Made in China’ to ‘Designed in China’

At the very start of the year of the Pig, MultiMinds joined a diverse group of entrepreneurs on an inspirational and commercial tour through China and Hong Kong. This amazing journey was organized - into perfection - by the Chamber of Commerce of East-Flanders (Belgium), and inspired 61 people of ...

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12 Dec 2018 — Author: Siegert Dierickx
tags: Automation, AI, People, jobs
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AI creates jobs, right? Right!?

New technologies often confront people with a difficult factor of the unknown, with an inherent change around the corner. New technology has always – and always will be - around, we are too curious, ambitious and inventive not to want to tinker with stuff or trying to change processes for the ...

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16 Aug 2018 — Author: Siegert Dierickx
tags: News, People, MultiMinds
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My Internship at MultiMinds

My first encounter with MultiMinds was at the VEK Career day in Ghent, which is an annual job fair organized by the VEK. As I am heading towards my last year of Business Engineering: Data Analytics, I wanted to do an internship to apply the theory into practice. At the ...

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09 Oct 2017 — Author: Siegert Dierickx
tags: News, People
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Peter Vertongen joins MultiMinds as Data Strategist for Digital Transformation & Omni-channel Marketing

Peter Vertongen joined MultiMinds at the beginning of October 2017 as a Digital Transformation & Data Consultant to support the Omnichannel Analytics and Data Management Platform activities. MultiMinds is specialized in analytics and supports clients in the discovery, determination and activation of customer and market insights, based on marketing and ...

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20 Apr 2017 — Author: Siegert Dierickx
tags: Adobe, Analytics

Why The Latest Forrester Wave on Digital Intelligence Doesn’t Make Sense

The latest Forrester Wave on Digital Intelligence platforms is out The forrester Wave: Digital Intelligence Platforms, Q2 '17. It is no surprise that Adobe is leading the gang, again. It seems they are leading almost every Forrester Wave that is out. But it is also fully justified: they are one ...

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