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22 Jun 2016 — Author: Siegert Dierickx
tags: Marketing, Automation

A video recap of MeasureCamp London VI

MeasureCamp London VI In March 2015, MultiMinds attended the MeasureCamp event in London. As always, it was a great opportunity to learn, share, and network. Instead of writing a long recap, the fine people that organize MeasureCamp have created this little video that will give you a good idea what ...

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03 Jun 2016 — Author: Siegert Dierickx
tags: Events, People

Nicolas Lierman Enforces MultiMinds as Senior Solution Architect

Nicolas Lierman joined MultiMinds as Senior Solution Architect since 1 June. As part of the data analytics team, he will be leading different strategic data collection and integration projects with a focus on data management, visualization, and marketing automation. Nicolas Lierman was the first person ever worldwide who extracted data ...

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01 Jul 2015 — Author: Siegert Dierickx
tags: News, People

Celebrating One Year MultiMinds

One year ago exactly, a marketing mind and an IT mind officially joined forces. The first one had over 12 years of experience in digital analytics and marketing in different market verticals.The second one had over 15 year of experience in all IT related processes and data integrations in ...

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08 Jan 2015 — Author: Siegert Dierickx
tags: News, Events

MultiMinds for Voka’s Flanders Future Bryo

2014 has been a great year for MultiMinds! We kicked off in July, entered our new offices in Aalst in September, established a very nice client base during our first 6 months, and we hired our first full-time employer at the start of 2015. So far this (short) adventure has ...

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30 Nov 2014 — Author: Siegert Dierickx
tags: Tealium, Clients

Case: Tealium IQ Applied at Mediahuis

Originally, Mediahuis suffered frustration with the time consuming process of manually deploying, maintaining and updating tags across their websites, and the errors that could result. Installing a new marketing tag could take up to 4 weeks. The merger between Mediahuis and Concentra introduced further sites into the portfolio, creating another ...

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