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22 Apr 2021 — Author: Siegert Dierickx

Eureka! with José Fernandez (D'Ieteren):

José Fernandez is chief of Marketing and chief of Digital at one the oldest family-owned businesses in the world: car distributor d’Ieteren. José has a knack for creating great customer experiences using data. We talked to him about the rise of data, and what he considers his breakthrough moment. ...

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10 Mar 2021 — Author: Siegert Dierickx

Eureka! with Mieke De Ketelaere

“Suddenly, it became clear to me that customer data held a wealth of insights that could turn the marketing department from a cost into a profit center, simply through the application of data science.” ...

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04 Mar 2021 — Author: Nicolas Lierman

Beyond the Buzz: predictive analytics

If you could see the future, what would you do with that power? For modern businesses, that dream is slowly but surely becoming a reality, thanks to predictive analytics. But what’s this buzzword actually about, and what does it mean for you? ...

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20 Nov 2020 — Author: Jens Buelens

GA4: The new Google Analytics

Google recently introduced Google Analytics 4 (or GA4 short) as its new default experience for all new properties. The new version of Google analytics builds on the foundation of the App + Web property introduced in 2019 and is a new, ‘smarter’ approach to analytics. GA4 combines the power of machine ...

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11 Mar 2020 — Author: Jens Buelens

A short introduction to lookalike modeling

The search for new potential customers can be long and exhausting. Where do you start looking and how do you reach new prospects? And how can you target them in a cost-effective way while maximizing your conversion rate? Imagine just collecting data on your most valuable customers and being able ...

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