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11 May 2021 — Author: Nicolas Lierman

Beyond the Buzz: recommendation engines

the internet has a response just for you. We’ve got recommendation engines to thank for that, for better or worse. This specific application of data science can greatly improve your customer experience. Unfortunately, the technology can also amplify unhinged conspiracy. ...

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16 Feb 2021 — Author: Peter Vertongen

Are marketers ruining the internet?

Marketers have the momentum to change the way we target customers and as a bonus we contribute in saving our democracy. How exciting is that? ...

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12 Dec 2018 — Author: Siegert Dierickx

AI creates jobs, right? Right!?

New technologies often confront people with a difficult factor of the unknown, with an inherent change around the corner. New technology has always – and always will be - around, we are too curious, ambitious and inventive not to want to tinker with stuff or trying to change processes for the ...

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18 Oct 2018 — Author: Peter Vertongen

SuperNova Antwerp: enter the age of optimism.

MultiMinds visited Supernova in Antwerp. Here's what we learned. September 27–30, the city of Antwerp hosted the first edition of Supernova, an international techfest. This event was the result of joined forces by FlandersDC, Scale-ups.eu and the Flemish Government. Around 2 million euros were invested to showcase how ...

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28 Oct 2016 — Author: Nicolas Lierman

Mautic review: The future of open source Marketing Automation

If I asked you to name a few marketing automation software brands, chances are you’ll name Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot or Intercom. And while these are all respectable brands with decent products, I predict another brand is going to join that list pretty soon. I’m talking about Mautic, a ...

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