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08 Jun 2021 — Author: Siegert Dierickx

Eureka! with Jeroen Lemaire (In The Pocket):

Have you checked the news lately? Made a shopping list? Spent money? If you did any of these using your smartphone, you’ve likely been touched by the wonderful world of In The Pocket. At the helm of the studio is Jeroen Lemaire. ...

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27 May 2021 — Author: Siegert Dierickx

Know thy customer

While technology keeps advancing, complexity increases as well –and so do concerns about online privacy. At least part of the solution is the customer data platform (CDP), which is useful in SMEs as well as complex, international organizations. ...

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18 May 2021 — Author: Peter Vertongen

The Ten Commandments of CX

Move over gold, myrrh and incense. The true treasure these days is data, so you should treat it as such. People are becoming increasingly aware of how much personal data they leave behind, and it’s a reason to be cautious. ...

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11 May 2021 — Author: Nicolas Lierman

Beyond the Buzz: recommendation engines

the internet has a response just for you. We’ve got recommendation engines to thank for that, for better or worse. This specific application of data science can greatly improve your customer experience. Unfortunately, the technology can also amplify unhinged conspiracy. ...

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16 Feb 2021 — Author: Peter Vertongen

Are marketers ruining the internet?

Marketers have the momentum to change the way we target customers and as a bonus we contribute in saving our democracy. How exciting is that? ...

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