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11 Mar 2020 — Author: Jens Buelens

A short introduction to lookalike modeling

The search for new potential customers can be long and exhausting. Where do you start looking and how do you reach new prospects? And how can you target them in a cost-effective way while maximizing your conversion rate? Imagine just collecting data on your most valuable customers and being able ...

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03 Feb 2020 — Author: Jens Buelens


Today’s customers interact with your brand across numerous different touch points and leave a significant trace of valuable data in these channels. Modern companies collect this data and turn it into opportunities to attract new customers and create a seamless experience for them across all these touch points. In ...

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23 Oct 2018 — Author: Nicolas Lierman

Traditional Web Analytics is dying, what’s next?

The ground is shaking and the landscape around you is changing rapidly. If you are a traditional web analyst you should be worried. The proverbial ice caps are melting and it’s time to adapt. While you were setting up conversion goals in your web analytics solution, the complexity and ...

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