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07 Oct 2019 — Author: Sam Van Renterghem

Tracking iframes with Tealium

Figure out how to track iframes with Tealium in a flexible manner. ...

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30 Nov 2014 — Author: Siegert Dierickx

Case: Tealium IQ Applied at Mediahuis

Originally, Mediahuis suffered frustration with the time consuming process of manually deploying, maintaining and updating tags across their websites, and the errors that could result. Installing a new marketing tag could take up to 4 weeks. The merger between Mediahuis and Concentra introduced further sites into the portfolio, creating another ...

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20 Oct 2014 — Author: Siegert Dierickx

Build Your Own Marketing Cloud Through Tag Management

Over the decade, online presence and e-commerce have gradually become the main communication and sales channel for all of our clients. Their goal is to keep improving customer experience which should lead to optimised customer engagement and satisfaction, increased conversion ratios, as well as drive quality traffic through multiple channels. ...

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29 Sep 2014 — Author: Siegert Dierickx

Marketing Automation through Tag Management

During the Marketing Automation Summit 2014 in Brussels, organized by Best Publishing, MultiMinds presented a client case about tag management at Unigro.be. As an online sales business, Unigro needs to be able to measure all its marketing and online sales activities accurately, and needs to be able to act ...

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